sap the strength of

See: debilitate
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The Department of Defense may be strengthened in the short term with increased funding, but by mortgaging diplomacy, education, and families across the country we will ultimately sap the strength of the American people, including the military, in the future.
Researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Baylor College of Medicine say they've found a compound that allows them to temporarily sap the strength of a mouse's sperm.
Such forces sap the strength of our societies, threaten our state systems and impede our social and economic progress.
its causes to the notion that Iraq presented a real threat to Israel's security even though it was Israel who attacked Iraq's Osirak reactor in 1981 while Iraq was engaged in a long war with Iran that lasted for eight years (a war that was supported if not instigated by the US to sap the strength of both combatants, to assure Israeli hegemony over the region).
Concern that the movement toward non-establishment Jewish enterprises could sap the strength of American Jewish life drives the research in "Generation of Change: How Leaders in Their Twenties and Thirties are Reshaping American Jewish Life," a new report commissioned by the Avi Chai Foundation, a non-profit devoted to Jewish continuity and inter-denominational understanding.
The Gamba Osaka playmaker is aware running so much at high altitude can sap the strength of teams but the conditions did not affect the Japanese too much against Cameroon despite playing 1400 metres above sea level.
It's far from straightforward, however, with the 70km on the Champs Elysees seeing a series of uphill and downhill stretches on cobblestones, which will sap the strength of any rider not quite at the top of their game.
These are two-fold: first, that the financial crisis will persist and possibly intensify; and second that over time tighter credit conditions and asset price weakness will combine, and in the worst case feed off each other, to sap the strength of overall demand and put downward pressure on inflation.
If they're left, they will sap the strength of the plant, which is why they're called suckers).
The industry must encourage the new political structure to avoid quick and dramatic shifts in fiscal policy that might feel good in the short term but that would sap the strength of housing and the economy down the road.
In an attempt last spring to sap the strength of the opposition to the school and maintain the school's funding, Army Secretary Louis Caldera pledged to make reforms at the base, which has trained some of the bloodiest hands in Latin American militaries.