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The number of SUGEN members increases to nineteen with the addition of the SAP user groups ASUG Colombia, ASUG North America and SAPience (Belgium).
A two-length lead straightening up had been readily stretched to five by the furlong pole and St Jovite could easily have extended his final six-length margin over Saddlers' Hall, who got the better of Opera House, Sapience and Rock Hopper in a four-way battle for second.
Founded in 2009 by CEO Shirish Deodhar and three co-founders and touted as one of the more promising product technology companies to have emerged from India's fast growing startup landscape, Sapience, has has held negotiations with several venture capital companies.
Antonyms for "absurdity" include prudence, soundness, and sapience.
New features of the second edition include: updated biographical sketches and 20 new entries, a greatly expanded bibliography, a clarification of the differences between animal rights and animal welfare, and relevant key concepts such as anthropomorphism, sentience, sapience, and pain and suffering.
One can only guess what Said would have thought of this sapience.
Moving from learning sequential decision-making under uncertainty to using it in the first-order setting, he covers concepts and algorithms of Markov decision processes (MDP); generalization and abstraction in them; reasoning, learning, and acting in worlds with objects; model-free and model-based algorithms for relational MDPs; and sapience, models, and hierarchy.
5) Detailed medieval uses of the chess allegory can be found in Lydgate's chess game of love in Reson and Sensuallyte, which is itself closely modeled after the Old French Les Echecs Amoureux; and in the Court of Sapience where the hero, on the "bord eschekker of [his] mind" plays (and loses) a game with Dame Fortune (The Court of Sapience, ed.
If humanity has developed an instinct for collective confrontation and antagonism, and if such instinct is a part of human nature, a facet of homo sapiens, whose sapience is twisted by him due to his being zoon politikon, a political animal, what hope can there be for a world of peace - peace international, inter-religious, peace external and internal, peace nourished by a sense of universal humanity?
It is, after all, my hope that you will read this special "Literature Issue" and come away with an elevated appreciation for an art form that, it turns out, is good not only for the mind, but for the body and our collective sapience as well.
A compromised sapience stirred behind the ill coordinates of his eyes.