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Though this awakening is sapiential in nature, it necessarily includes the affective element of compassion, which may be viewed as a modulation of desire now trained upon the good of the other.
The focus in sapiential discourse as it relates to mystery language is to understand the "mystery that is to be.
1) This article explores connotations of shoah first across the biblical spectrum, then will focus on three occurrences in sapiential writings to examine how shoah operated in the world of the sages.
Goff takes up the longest sapiential text found near the Qumran settlement.
The autobiographical genre is adduced as the triggering factor for the development of Middle Kingdom literature, both sapiential and narrative.
Meier has countered that such a sapiential message directed at personal spiritual renewal could hardly account for the opposition Jesus provoked or his violent death.
1 Kings 5: I2), and the tale of their sapiential correspondence which he tells was taken up by Theophilus of Antioch and Eusebius.
So too the proemium places the science we are seeking among the other sciences as their sapiential regulator and term.
s arguments on the benefits of a "dialectical tension" between prophetic and sapiential approaches to theology is especially compelling (chap.
The third is Sophia, the pervasive spirit of divine Wisdom that permeates and impels creation toward fullness of life, based on the sapiential tradition of the Hebrew Scriptures.
A decisive shift occurs, however, in diaspora Judaism, as shown particularly by 4Q Sapiential Work A and Wisdom of Solomon.
As the distillation of generations of learned scribes, the Book of Proverbs is an excellent source for the sapiential tradition in the Old Testament.