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The survey of sapiential texts from Qumran largely reflects the conclusions of Daniel J.
The sapiential model emphasizes divine self-revelation as a salvific category: God makes his ways known to humanity and the reception and enactment of this knowledge is salvation.
Frey studies the concepts flesh and spirit in Jewish sapiential traditions as background for understanding Paul's usage.
As I noted earlier, Hadot's arguments for the renewal of sapiential philosophy assume that the wisdom that is its ultimate goal must be practical.
The two Hellenistic wisdom books represent a paradigm shift in the sapiential tradition, but not in any good way.
Its members perceived an intellectual disability as a disaster for the family, as formulated in the sapiential literature.
Johnson sees the entire Wisdom tradition, its personification as Sophia and its sapiential Christology as "an untapped resource for speaking about Jesus Christ.
is critical of the church's traditional theodicy, but his own reflection does not lead him beyond "prophetic anger and sapiential compassion" (165).
Indeed, Islam is a sapiential religion, in which salvation itself rests not on vicarious atonement as in Christianity, or on ethnic origin as in Judaism, but on personal knowledge.
10) No doubt, the sapiential rendition of what we could and should know conduced tellingly to the knowledge's configuration as a texture supple enough to cover all the outer and inner aspects of nature.
of the Judeo-Christian sapiential tradition, as noted by medieval
Several important links are missing from Rossini's analysis in my opinion, however, such as the medieval Church's incorporation of verses from the Wisdom books into the liturgy for the Virgin Mary and development of a sapiential Mariology.