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And hence this friendship gave occasion to many sarcastical remarks among the domestics, most of which were either proverbs before, or at least are become so now; and, indeed, the wit of them all may be comprised in that short Latin proverb, " Noscitur a socio; " which, I think, is thus expressed in English, "You may know him by the company he keeps."
This carriage, too, drove away, and the urchins gave another sarcastical cheer.
Star Chamber had established that "ironical Words in Writing, are adjudged libelous; open and sarcastical Reproaches, are allowed, on all Hands to be so.
Even the declaration by the narrative voice quoted above may reveal hypocrisy, affectation, or vanity, simply because the narrator's declamation against vanity may seem in the service of vanity itself: "I know that thou wilt think that, whilst I abuse thee, I court thee and that thy love hath inspired me to write this sarcastical panegyric" (57).