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Mumbai [India], July 28 ( ANI ): Responding to the 'ghar wapsi' by Janata Dal (United) in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the Shiv Sena on Friday fired a sardonic salvo at the new tie-up and said both the BJP and the JDU, who are brimming with bonhomie presently, in the past two years left no stone unturned in bringing each other down.
Grading the UPA on the same parameters might've lead to plenty more in the way of sardonic Chidambaram quotes that reluctantly acknowledge the failures of his government over the last decade.
PDSH is also quiet while we know how provocative, sardonic and withering Menduh Thaci is when he wants to belittle his angry political rival.
4th in a series: An Israeli journalist gives his somewhat sardonic take on Arab threats to march on "settlements" while Abbas is at UN demanding statehood.
Perhaps a touch of sardonic humour may not be amiss right now.
Graham Norton, taking over from Terry Wogan and his sardonic wit this year, is promising to make his coverage a bit more risque.
NEW Orleans-raised Chris Smither is a finger-pickin', foot-stompin' folk-blues master whose songs pack a keen sardonic wit.
Simmons) to her equally sardonic but unconditionally supportive pop and stepmom (Allison Janney), whose warmth and paternal protectiveness is hidden behind a veil of exasperation.
He shouldmaybe realise that there is a line to be drawn between being sardonic and being offensive.
Kelly on the sleazy, R&B jam "Half on a Baby" feels downright creepy, though it's a hoot to hear "Shame on You," from western swing great Spade Cooley (who died doing time for killing his wife), turned into a lazy, sardonic shuffle.
Current events and headline-grabbing news as well as little-known anecdotes of history are recurring topics in this at time sardonic social commentary, written with a tongue-in-cheek zest for exposing human foibles.
Fernandez narrates with a smooth precision, matching the sardonic tone of the prose.