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While Zayid took a dim view of some of the senior Al-Saud -- sardonically noting that Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Minister of Interior's bumbling manner suggested that "Darwin was right" -- he wagered that the situation would be far different were Fahd in complete control of his faculties or, by contrast, if Abdullah was in total control.
Titled after the i nneapol is-to-Wasilla, Alaska, convenience-store franchise Holiday, one of which neighbors the exhibition space, this retail display was complete with a pair of changing rooms, a precious selection of framed Polaroids, sardonically cheery wall-lettering, and sales tags with images from a photo shoot showing both intimates from Kaspar's own international coterie and members of the institution's staff modeling between and before the titular convenience store.
As the symphony of piety from the town's temple, gurudwara and mosque turns into a loudspeaker-induced cacophony of jarring notes, a young student, struggling to concentrate on the textbook before him, sighs sardonically, "Koi bi apne hisse ka shor chorna nahi chahta (No one wants to let go of their share of noise).
It is not a coincidence that the "Red Tsar" became an advocate of the former communists and is slamming the protesters unjustly and sardonically.
The gap has been embraced sardonically with the phrase, "We get paid in scenery.
Perhaps Weitzman could have carried his point farther and declared Chavez the most media-savvy of all world leaders, communicating directly with his people and sardonically tweeting under the name @Chavezcandanga, or "naughty Chavez.
Booth's body-language (restless eyes, sardonically jutting jaw, fluttering hands) added value to the barbed diction of her speech-song (and helpfully translated surtitles) as we were taken through the actual lunacy of this commedia dell'arte's character's descent into disintegration.
The time they spend in advocating, attending meetings, preparing, researching, networking, hunching their shoulders, sighing and sardonically grinning, far exceeds 400 hours.
In 1946, when sixty thousand dollars' worth of ties were stolen from her store, the robbers won her respect by taking only ones with designs and by festooning the chairs around the place with solid-color numbers, in what she took to be a sardonically discriminating gesture.
The meeting allows the appearance of a rare glimmer of progress, despite the absence of progress," an editorial in the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper said sardonically.
Apart from the now sardonically ironic worry over the loss of trust in newspapers, down to only 9 per cent among 18-24 years olds at the time, he was talking about how newspapers and journalists had become disconnected from their readers.