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NASA sardonically referred the unorthodox seven-minute descent and landing sequence as "seven minutes of terror.
The meeting allows the appearance of a rare glimmer of progress, despite the absence of progress," an editorial in the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper said sardonically.
Apart from the now sardonically ironic worry over the loss of trust in newspapers, down to only 9 per cent among 18-24 years olds at the time, he was talking about how newspapers and journalists had become disconnected from their readers.
Hopefully, because WB wants to rekindle interest in the art form of burlesque: teasingly witty, sardonically sexy striptease.
Sardonically, but hardly surprisingly in John Enbom's facilely ironic script, the further Blake slides down the slippery slope of malpractice, the more warmly he finds himself accepted into a health care fraternity that previously viewed him askance.
He also sardonically questioned why so many "former FBI officials" seem to be briefing staffers in the Texas Legislature.
There were some comments coming sardonically toward the front.
I'm sure - well, I hope- my boys don't think it's uncool to be seen in public with a member of what smug observers sardonically write off as the hip-op generation.
I've heard of re-gifting but this is pushing it," remarks Stella sardonically.
Good PR is something that Dubai needs at the moment; especially since the world's press is reporting - sardonically - about Dubai's hardships, and how the emirate's party has ended.
I suppose the wise decision by state-owned TV not to air the series is based on an undeniable truth that Nasser did nothing during his time in power except change the face of life altogether not only in Egypt, but also in the entire Arab world," he continued sardonically.
Sardonically, another oil sales executive for one of the majors, asked the question: "How can some oil delivery companies buy from our terminal at a higher price than they re-sell to their customers?