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There is, for example, a notable difference in tone between his dispassionate treatment of Yeats's autocratic ideas and ridiculous posturings, and the sneery sardonicism that lurks just beneath the surface when he describes a Gaelic congress or festival.
Their implicit ferocity, however, has been tempered by humor, sardonicism, even understatement, yet the transforming anger of his decency and moral imperative informs everything between the lines.
Landes is the best thing about the show, exuding a cheeky sardonicism that insists no one take this too seriously.
Valentine's Day "the harbinger of the new possibilities and strange sardonicism that inhered in allying commerce and celebration, mass production and deeply felt sentiment.
Their modern equivalent, touched up with stylish sardonicism and modish self-mockery, can be found in Paul Thereoux's recent travelogue, in which the author flees his broken marriage and fear of cancer, seeking peace of mind on deserted tropic islands and New Zealand hilltops.