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The city seemed Satanic, the narrower streets oppressing like the galleries of a mine.
The Satyr was a gleam of classical memory on the part of Moreau,--his face ovine in expression, like the coarser Hebrew type; his voice a harsh bleat, his nether extremities Satanic.
He plunged to his heart's content in evil thoughts, and in proportion as he sank deeper, he felt a Satanic laugh burst forth within him.
And now thir mightiest quelld, the battel swerv'd, With many an inrode gor'd; deformed rout Enter'd, and foul disorder; all the ground With shiverd armour strow'n, and on a heap Chariot and Charioter lay overturnd And fierie foaming Steeds; what stood, recoyld Orewearied, through the faint Satanic Host Defensive scarse, or with pale fear surpris'd, Then first with fear surpris'd and sense of paine Fled ignominious, to such evil brought By sinne of disobedience, till that hour Not liable to fear or flight or paine.
One may fling a glove in the face of nature and in the face of one's own moral endurance quite innocently, with a simplicity which wears the aspect of perfectly Satanic conceit.
When we came abreast again, they faced the river, stamped their feet, nodded their horned heads, swayed their scarlet bodies; they shook towards the fierce river-demon a bunch of black feathers, a mangy skin with a pendent tail--something that looked like a dried gourd; they shouted periodically together strings of amazing words that resembled no sounds of human lan- guage; and the deep murmurs of the crowd, inter- rupted suddenly, were like the response of some satanic litany.
Everyone else sat tingling at the touch of those satanic tragedies that have been between lovers before now.
Then aloud, with a satanic enjoyment of the scorn prompting him to play with the greatness of the great man--
A Catholic priest who is able to cast out demons has warned against the circulation of rosaries and religious objects that have been 'prayed over' by Satanic cults.
Before Orthodoxy: The Satanic Verses in Early Islam
I am interested in identifying what satanic symbols have become popular in Hollywood films, so in 2013 I wrote an essay that analyzed several films featuring super-human characters and identified several traits beyond "evilness" that seem to come out of the traditions about Satan.
Two members of the MS-13 gang of El Salvador were put behind bars Thursday in Harris County jail in Houston for kidnapping and murdering a Hispanic woman as part of a so-called satanic ritual followed by the gang.