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There's the popular Nasi Goreng, a mound of shrimp paste fried rice topped with fried egg and pickled vegetables served with three sticks of chicken satay.
2 Bake on a roasting tray for 15 to 20 minutes at 200C, gas mark 6 and serve on top of your noodles with a drizzle of the satay sauce you saved.
Basically what we do is make a satay sauce using all the classic ingredients, including coconut milk, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and lime, cooked down until it's nice and thick then allowed to cool.
She watches the satay man fill a plastic sachet, meticulously dribbling the sauce in, no waste.
Order: Prawn crackers, prawn toasts, egg fried rice, chicken satay and crispy chilli beef.
Pelima Satay "ONE dish, done properly" is the street food mantra.
99 SATAY SHOTS (makes 36) INGREDIENTS 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts 3tbsp soy sauce 1tbsp (heaped) Very Lazy Chillies, or another chilli sauce or paste 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1tbsp vegetable oil 1tbsp (heaped) light muscovado sugar 415g jar ready-made satay sauce 1 lime, cut in half, for juicing 12 lime slices METHOD Cut the chicken breasts into 36 thin strips and put them into a bowl with the soy sauce, chillies (or sauce or paste), garlic, oil and sugar.
Satay is considered IndonesiaeIUs national dish; it is served everywhere from street cars to restaurants.
The Cooking With Kids: Chicken Satay feature (September 2014) was the answer to the problem of how to get my son started in the kitchen.
Among the array of things we tasted, what stood out were the delicately flavoured chicken yakitori, delicious crab stick tempura, fragrant sweet corn in coriander butter, steam fish skewers with Vietnamese herbs, chicken satay with spicy Japanese mayo and prawn satay with mandarin honey chilli.
To make it more memorable, the Consulate themed the reception 'SatayVaganza' where guests were treated with special serving of popular Malaysian dish satay.