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Subsequent analysis of the interaction using the Bonferroni t statistic (k = 66, df = 96) showed: (1) Although both hungry and sated rats on Day 32 approached the terminal nonreward of the 4-32-0 series more slowly than they did the 32% sucrose solution which preceded it, only the seed rats ran slower to the initial 14% solution than they did to the 32% solution.
2) Sated rats were not adversely affected by the reversal of the series events leading to nonreward.
If patterning and the SuNCE were mediated by interitem associations (Capaldi, 1985), the exceptions with sated rats to the typical failures to find such effects in sucrose-rewarded animals would imply that satiation somehow amplifies the influence of such associations at least when the rewards are sucrose solutions.
Interitem associations are not, however, a productive means of conceptualizing the behavior of the sated rats who were unaffected by the transfer shift.
Neither of these views would predict disruption in the transfer test studied in the present experiment, and indeed no disruption occurred in the sated animals.