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To our knowledge, this study first demonstrated the interference of LXR[alpha] on bovine muscle satellite cells in vitro to investigate LXR[alpha] gene's function and its target genes.
MyoD, myogenin, and desmin-nls-lacZ transgene emphasize the distinct patterns of satellite cell activation in growth and regeneration.
Training and detraining effects on satellite cell response after exhaustive exercise in thoroughbred horses," Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine, vol.
Injured skeletal muscles in genetically developed mice lacking muscle satellite cells exhibited a severe depression of regenerative potential (Seale et al.
When the researchers injected old mice with GDF11, the population of satellite cells increased, and the number of satellite cells with severe DNA damage fell by a factor of 4.
Both studies noted that satellite cell activation was not required to elicit short-term fiber hypertrophy, yet McCarthy et al.
The latter effect of myostatin deletion is at least partially due to adverse myostatin effect on satellite cell activation and self-renewal (108).
Study leader Dr Michael Rudnicki, from the Ottawa Health Research Institute in Canada, said: "We've found that there are two types of satellite cell - 90 per cent that are already committed to becoming muscle and another 10 per cent with characteristics normally attributed to stem cells.
Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), satellite radio (XM & Sirius), Video On Demand (VOD), satellite cell phones, high speed and wireless Internet, and Personal Video Recorders (PVRs), in addition to traditional media options, are creating tremendous opportunities to create and deliver complete marketing plans to reach rural America in such a wide variety of ways that were never even possible before now.
I've got a cell phone, a satellite cell phone, a police walkie-talkie, a 12-gauge shotgun and a Bible,'' Anthony explained.

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