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SPEX sounded off that the country's commercial gas field's life cycle may still be stretched until 2030 at the scale of production that could satiate the needs of the 3,200 megawatts of gas generating fleets in the country.
Through deeper collaboration, LG is giving consumers access to a wider range of smart cuisine recommendations to satiate a more diverse palate.
This event is intended to satiate the guests' sweet tooth with Choux Pastry Festival during the month of September and October.
Foot Couplets I do not make any apology For this study in philology It's for your own inspection Or to alter the inflection These are the plain facts Phraseology but no syntax I never meddle round the rim Or edge borders of synonym A palindrome there and back To level out all the slack A diversion not a detour A remedy but not a cure The verb to cure is preserved And quite simply not inferred If there's any irony inside There's no recourse to deride This will never satiate a greed But may well amuse to read.
A special a la carte biryani menu has been prepared by the Master Chef to satiate the bon vivant in you.
The traders are playing havoc with the pockets of common man with scaling up prices of all food items, groceries, vegetables in order to satiate their lust for money minting and growing billionaires overnight.
Justin Uy, Profood founder and president, told Sun Star the 11-hectare plant was expected to begin operations in 2019, and that all mangoes dried at the facility would be slated for shipment to the Chinese market to satiate the nation's annual 30,000 tonne demand.
HEALTHIER: Protein-rich mushrooms can replace meat to satiate appetite for longer times.
Thoughtfully paced with intriguing characters, ill-fated romance and complicated family relationships, All the Crooked Saints will satiate fans who are always eager for new Stiefvater work, while bringing new ones into the fold.
The Hyperdunk 2017 'Manila' (retail: P6,745, Titan BGC and, is the latest in the line of Nike 'homecoming' kicks released to satiate the thirst of flag-waving Filipino hoop fans for local-flavored lines.
A video on the Yeshiva World News website and also posted to YouTube shows the pope swaying to the music as members of the delegation dance and serenade him with the song "Long years shall satiate him."
And he claims Lewinsky retorted: "What's he want with her when he has this?" Byrne says neither woman could "satiate the President's horndog sexual desires".