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be satiated Oh, and to have a column in the best regional daily paper in the country.
By reducing this hormone, patients who undergo sleeve gastrectomy achieve that satiated feeling much faster, resulting in less food intake and subsequent weight loss.
Whoever is satiated with oranges, selects less frequently the symbols associated with orange juice.
They prepared Japanese cheesecakes and Mexican wedding cakes, amongst other mouthwatering offerings, and served to a well satiated crowd of 40 after church one Sunday in March.
Now the channels seem to assume that either everybody is too busy to watch TV or they will be so satiated with food or drink they won't care what they are watching.
As the evening at Joe's Pub drew to a close, an adoring and satiated audience applauded the performers, who took bows in a mix-matched line of ragged and sequined costumes.
Pelchat and her colleagues designed a study that separated food cravings from hunger by denying people desired foods but keeping them satiated.
According to him, he isn't satiated by the completion of the biggest deal so far of his career and the one that has put an exclamation mark on his meteoric rise.
Like humans, rats satiated on one food are less likely to overeat if offered more of that same food, but will increase consumption if offered a different, more palatable food.
This indicates that the subjects were less satiated by each successive meal as the day progressed.