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Sales of consumer products with satiating ingredients approach/claim are $12 billion globally (Frost & Sullivan); 45% of global consumers are very/extremely interested in foods that could keep them feeling full longer (HealthFocus Global Study, 2008).
It provides information to the food industry about how food products can be formulated to maximise satiety and gives an insight into how satiety and the satiating effects of these food products can be measured.
According to the research, peanuts and peanut butter were well liked by the participants and their satiating effect prevented the children from snacking on other unhealthy snacks later in the day.
For example, a modified beverage can be more satiating than the original beverage when, during its consumption, it leads to the release of a retronasal aroma profile that is similar to that found in a solid food.
Nevertheless, he suggested that eating a large meal during the morning might reduce intake during the entire day, since that meal will be especially satiating.
Finally, a high-protein diet may be more satiating and may help the individual to be more compliant with the diet.
On the other hand, eating a large meal late in the day may increase total intake, because that meal will be especially low in satiating value.
A flood of new, foreign models helped fuel the rise, pushing down prices and satiating pent-up demand.
And the theory says an Atkins-like diet is both more satiating and less efficient in converting calories to fat.
Calorie-counting tables, used widely by slimmers and the weight conscious, don't reflect this satiating power and studies examining the effects of foods on feelings of fullness could be quite helpful to you.
And it extends our market trendsetting line of dual Xeon processor boards based on the high-density ATX form-factor with high-performance DDR SDRAM and high-speed, robust I/O-easing system integration for OEMs and satiating the appetite of today's bandwidth-hungry applications.
The new product should go a long way toward satiating long-suffering exhibitors, many of which defied IMAX Corp.