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By the recurrent insertion and satirisation of the DM like, which is strongly associated with certain DubE speakers, his readers may feel they are being addressed in a narrative voice that they are able to recognise.
Langley created surrealistic spatial and temporal shifts between past and present to produce parodic, antirationalist narratives that transgress accepted social and gender orders and realities, include overt and covert intertextualities, and engage in tripartite satirisation of author, narrator, and character.
Langley's subtly and not-so-subtly integrated ironies and tensions in both tone and treatment of subject; her love of game-playing and masquerade, both textual and material; her sly iconoclasm and satirisation of both self and reader; and the pervasive Menippean influences evidenced throughout her novels, including that of unusual or abnormal psychic states, all point to a writer who is exercising an extremely sophisticated authorial control.