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Seven international dancers perform a piece satirising celebrity and consumer culture.
COMEDIAN turned filmmaker Sabina Guzzanti dissects Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's frightening control of the Italian media in this probing documentary, made in response to TV broadcaster RAI (presided over by Berlusconi's party) cancelling her popular show satirising Italian politics.
They were arrested following a demonstration outside the Danish embassy in London on February 3 against cartoons satirising the prophet Mohammed.
The Archbishop of Wales has appealed for hundreds of copies of a church magazine to be returned after it printed a cartoon satirising the Prophet Mohammad.
A BIRMINGHAM man was due to appear at Bow Street Magistrates Court in London today charged with soliciting murder during protests against cartoons satirising the Prophet Mohammed.
Protesters were due to gather in London again today to demonstrate against the recent publication of cartoons satirising the prophet Mohammed.