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Fans, followers, writers and notable literary and political figures expressed grief over the death of the legendary satirist and termed his death a great loss for the Urdu literature.
ANDY ZALTZMAN is a Satirist for Hire - and Liverpool audiences are being given the chance to enlist his help.
Satirists write on politics, pop culture and religion.
Bassem Youssef, often compared to US satirist Jon Stewart, moved Al-Bernameg (The Programme) to Saudi-owned channel MBC last year after it was pulled by the private Egyptian broadcaster CBC.
The political satirist hinted that people may be doing it to Mr Key on purpose.
" In particular, the series of cartoons he presented in cooperation with great satirist Ahmad Rajab taught the people how to bring the state and government to account."
Bassem did not give too much information about who cancelled the show or why; when asked to elaborate, the satirist answered, "I cannot tell you" -- quoting President-elect Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi's oft-repeated answer during his interview with Lamees Al-Hadidi and Ibrahim Eissa on CBC satellite channel.
CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's wildly popular television satirist says he and his team are preparing to return to air to poke fun at politics in a country still beset by turmoil following a July military coup.
"A renowned satirist, early work included contributions to Peter Cook's Establishment club and more latterly his work with long term collaborator, John Bird and Rory Bremner.
William Cuppy (1884-1949) was a remarkable American satirist. He was also in a film about Lou Gehring, was devoted to Ball State U., and was the associate media editor for USA Today.
Heritage Party Leader Raffi Hovannisian is a man of good morals and he supports satirist Vardan Petrosyan, Head of
Addison wants to keep the traditional function of the satirist, to correct bad behavior with ridicule, to "recover them [his readers] out of that desperate state of vice and folly, into which the age is fallen" (Spectator # 10, 1:44).