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And in the process he succeeds in making Los cuernos de don Friolera both a social and a theatrical document, the first through the exposure of social conventions as ridiculous, and the second through the satirization of the type of drama that thrived on thematics that he felt were unworthy of the stage.
To take just one example from Do the Right Thing, the film most markedly departs from conventions of realism during the famous "racial slur" scene, in which characters step up to the camera, one by one, to voice a racist stream of consciousness in a way that is unthinkable in a "realist" film dedicated to promoting fixed conceptions of "race" (Lee's Bamboozled, released in 2000, goes even further in confirming his departure from realist modes in its unrelenting satirization of racial stereotypes).
2) musical parody and satirization of the dichotomy between cultivated and vernacular art;
By connecting--or rather confusing in the technical sense--the act of satirization with sparagmos, Frye suggests the satirist as an author of effective but unthinking brutality, a mindless hatred of the lyrical arts Orpheus embodies.
This distinction is vital if we are to understand Weir's satirization of an insatiably self-gratifying body politic: The film's commodification of the watched sardonically parodies our own obsession with watching.
Bryan's discussion of the play's satirization of the legal profession is located within an excellent consideration of mimesis in university drama and a remarkable analysis of the production history of the play.
In "The Big Picture," a delightful satirization of a Jamaican's culture shock in a strange land, the migrant Chester struggles to understand how to 'play the game' American-style in order to keep his job.
The satirization of fading celebrity is returned to frequently.
20) Twain's satirization of Colt's legacy is evident in his decision to name one of the fictional families responsible for the proliferation of great violence "Shepherdson.