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Bush, Callier said, an all-black audience may want the actors to satirize his views on affirmative action, a request that might not come from an all white audience.
The most important rule of satire is to satirize what you know, and we knew this industry" explains Mercer.
Meanwhile, he remains devoted to his first love, which is performing onstage as a drag diva in self-written plays that simultaneously satirize and celebrate the old movies he grew up watching on TV.
The final effect of Mercutio's description of Mab is complicated, then, for while it mystifies the nature of conspicuous consumption, Shakespeare's miniaturized, fragmentary physicality also reveals the artistic labor involved in the process of mystification, and seems to satirize elite material display as a grotesquely parasitic activity.
His works are full of inventive word play as they satirize the horrors of modern urban life and depict the often brutal way individuals treat each other.
The music is doo-wop being funny by cross-breeding itself with various pop styles (David Byrne, the Beatles) and by bouncing off of its polished, dead-pan surface lyrics that satirize contemporary life.
One particularly poignant portrait is drawn of a former nightclub comedian who used to satirize Thicu's admonition about the communists: "Watch what they do, not what they say.'
Speaking of memorably over-the-top performances in plays that satirize Manhattan liberals, Linda Lavin is currently bringing down the house in Charles Busch's The Tale of the Allergist's Wife, which has been extended at Manhattan Theatre Club.
Like recent critics of the genre, including Joanne Altieri and Kevin Sharpe, Lindley qualifies "univocal" readings of court masques and instead foregrounds these texts' ability to offer advice to the monarch, or even, as in the case of Momus in Carew's Coelum Britannicum (1634), satirize the ethos of the court and mock recent royal policies.
The novel gives Austen an opportunity to satirize the Radcliffe school of romantic mystery and to treat a favorite theme of feminine self - delusion.
The only subject Larry could not bring himself to satirize was the Holocaus t, which inspired some of his most moving later works.
The nomination became a lightning rod for the religious right, and Hormel, a patrician former dean of the University of Chicago Law School, was derided as anti-Catholic because of his support of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group whose members don drag to satirize conservative elements in the Catholic Church.