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Moreover, Margaret Sullivan has argued in her book on Bruegel's peasant imagery that the fool must be seen in conjunction with the frowning peasant at his side, the pair constituting a sort of village Democritus and Heraclitus whose extreme responses to the festivity are satirized.
Times cartoonist Darrin Bell satirized this situation last year by showing a little girl saying grace before dinner as her parents stared in astonishment.
In last year's movie Celebrity, Woody Allen satirized echinacea's trendy status by showing a panicked supermodel who, feeling the first hints of a cold coming on, demanded a middle-of-the-night search for the herbal remedy.
The revisionist line on post-famine agriculture - satirized by one wag as "down-trodden landlords and predatory tenants" - was influenced (long before its 1994 publication in book form) by the pioneering research of W.
British comic writer whose works satirized contemporary life using a luckless protagonist who deals ineptly with societal forces beyond his control.
The 528-page tome, which spiraled instantly to the top of the best-seller list, has been trumpeted on the front page of The New York Times; satirized by Garry Trudeau; criticized on the covers of both Time and Newsweek; disputed by People; and rehashed on every major and minor talk show in the country.
He also wrote plays of his own, adapted others for <IR> RICHARD MANSFIELD </IR> , and satirized Mansfield in a novel, The Imitator (1901).
This type of behavior has been satirized on popular TV shows like NBC's hit comedy, "The Office.
But the Composite Drawlings blog, while expressing some trepidation with the way Muir satirized Clinton, said: "How else does one show, in a three-panel cartoon, the absurd lengths the candidate has gone to, and therefore will possibly go to, in order to pander to a voting bloc?
But that points up the main problem with satire: To really enjoy it, an audience has to know a good deal about what's being satirized.
A collection of 84 prints (Caprices, 1799) satirized the clergy, the nobility, and society's foibles and vices, not the least of them superstition, ignorance, and fear.
What no one seemed to notice was how this film satirized our own addiction to video entertainment.