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It gently but firmly satirizes pop-culture idiocy, from the poofy-shirted cheesiness of Alex's old group, PoP, to today's infinitely more vulgar, fake-reality entertainment.
Tatsuya Kusuhara's physical/theater troupe APE satirizes Japanese business culture.
The narrative references Godard's Contempt (1963), a film that satirizes the medium and also features an iconic building, the famous Casa Malaparte, further emphasizing the repetitiveness of human events.
The story line satirizes criminal behavior (a crime is defined by the state) to include organized religion as a subcategory of crime.
The four-page newsletter satirizes the Village of Rhinebeck, N.
Indeed, toward the end of his study, Dickson-Carr says that Toni Morrison, "like Wallace Thurman and Ralph Ellison before her, satirizes the concept of African Americans .
Later in book 3, Browne explicitly satirizes James I through his description of King Oberon.
It's hard to think of any other film that both satirizes and simulates the inertia and banality of life amid the late-'60s counterculture.