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Pilgrimage was part of the sacrament of penance--a variety of the bodily suffering that could constitute fulfilment of the obligations of satisfactio operis--while also being equated symbolically with the whole penitential process, made up of a lifelong, iterable, journey-like series of gradus or passus.
Icrease customer satisfactio Gai a real marketig advatage over your competitors If you thought ISO9001: 2008was just about procedures the you have bee talkig to the wrog people.
The end result is a higher level of agent productivity and customer satisfactio n.
See also the Summa sententiarum, PL 176:146D-47A: "In poenitentia consideranda sunt haec tria: compunctio, confessio, satisfactio.
Dum autem ad sacerdotem venture est, dum culpam suam se ipsum acusando reus fatetur, dumque iniuncta satisfactio condigna suscipitur, `a debito future dampnacionis solvit eum sacerdos, id est per sacerdotem Deus.
Oris enim confessio operisque satisfactio sunt certa signa facte remissionis, in quibus duobus peccatum, id est, pena temporalis debita pro peccato remittitur, id est, minoratur.
Its profit was at the top end of city forecasts and chief executive Sir John Browne expressed satisfactio n with the result.
These results reflect many of the restructuring, cost containment and other moves Sonoco has been making to become an even stronger company and achieve increased levels of customer satisfactio said C.