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Having settled this satisfactory plan of future conduct in reference to Mr.
According to the regional agribusiness management bodies, as of the end of January 2018, the state of winter grain crops in Russia is estimated at 95% of the acreage to be good and satisfactory. According to Roshydromet, in the second decade of January 2018, unstable weather was observed on the territory of the European part of Russia.
PPP Candidates staged walkout of the senate session on Thursday, after Saira Afzal Tarrar failed to give satisfactory answers regarding the ongoing Polio Campaign across the country.
But after attainment "dipped" in 2011 because of staffing turbulence and pupil turnover, it says pupils' achievement is now "satisfactory and improving rapidly." Teaching and learning are satisfactory overall, the report says, with previous inadequate teaching during staff absence having been eradicated.
The number of vocational reports published to date now stands at 79, with the overall performance showing 13 per cent of institutes were graded "good", 56pc "satisfactory" and the remaining 31pc "below satisfactory".
Satisfactory Performance Certificate should have cross reference to the Purchase Order.
Mr Findlay said: "I've heard some people say 'our school got a satisfactory inspection, that's very good'.
"A school with five head teachers in five years is never going to get excellent, very good, good or even satisfactory - there is no chance of that.
This includes assessment of 64 schools last year that resulted in nine being ranked 'excellent', 14 'good', 18 'satisfactory' and 23 'inadequate'.
The pre-condition of satisfactory result of 9th class and first year has been placed by education ministry.
The report whose results were announced on Thursday, revealed that business leaders in the various regions of the country believe that the performance of these companies is "not at all satisfactory", assigning an index of 1.3/10 to STEG, 1.5/10 to ONAS and 1.09/10 to public transport.
'Meanwhile, the performance of financial management at 21 Federal Statutory Bodies (BBP) which were audited once every five years showed that two BBP reported excellent achievements, 12 BBP achieved good levels, five BBP achieved satisfactory levels and two BBP reported less satisfactory levels,' she said in a statement on the report today.