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A nationally representative sample of working men and women from across the four provinces was asked, Are you satisfied with your current job?
With summer fast approaching the northern hemisphere and consumers preparing to be "beach ready", GfK has released findings on how satisfied people internationally are with their personal looks.
Ticket prices seem to be a point of concern as only 39% of EU citizens are satisfied with fares.
Worldwide, adults are slightly more likely to be satisfied with the quality of the air in the city or area where they live than the quality of the water.
It also found that those in higher-level positions are more satisfied than those who are lower in rank.
Early practitioners of the quality movement postulated that customers would be satisfied with and would continue to purchase a product or service if it met their functional specifications and fulfilled their requirements.
If certain requirements are satisfied, the fiduciary relief under Sec.
Student satisfaction with collaborative learning was measured by asking participants whether they "strongly agree," "agree," "neutral," "disagree," or "strongly disagree" with statements regarding whether they were satisfied with the way their group members worked together, whether their group members got along with each other well, whether they liked their group, whether the workload was evenly distributed among all group members, whether group members contributed equally during collaborative learning sessions, whether there were conflicts in their group, whether they were satisfied with the grades they received with their group, whether their group members respected their inputs, and whether the group concentrated on the assigned task.
Despite the fact that the Supreme Court in Nelson, 296 US 374 (1935), found COI to be satisfied when 38% of the consideration was issuing corporation stock, many tax practitioners were reluctant to issue tax opinions on acquisitive transactions that involved less than 50% COI.
Financial Executives International (FEI) must be doing something right: members overwhelmingly said they are are quite satisfied with the organization and their affiliation with it via membership.
4) Requiring an accrual for disallowance of tax positions that the enterprise "knows" (based on experience) are not of concern to the tax authorities even though a probable level of confidence cannot be satisfied, will overstate tax liabilities and expense.
Out of the 31 companies which did their translation in house, 30 were satisfied with the results.