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In regard to the differences between satisfiers and dissatisfiers, categories such as Interactions and Sport generated appreciably more positive responses than negative responses.
Powell, 2008, "The Role of Gender Identity in Explaining Sex Differences in Business Owners' Career Satisfier Preferences", Journal of Business Venturing, 23(3), 244-56.
Lastly, it is important to note that unfulfilling the must-be requirements can have very detrimental effects, while unfulfilling satisfier requirements does not necessarily lead to dissatisfaction.
The chance to play a part in directly helping others through this program is a satisfier beyond words.
The power of packaging as a consumer satisfier, attention getter, and purchase driver is suddenly enormous.
He told the gathering in Des Moines that a man is "his wife's sanctifier," and "his wife's satisfier," responsible for "taking someone from where they are to where they ought to be.
It must be remembered that the basic satisfier of social needs is the aggregate, which is the basic social unit.
This theory further assumes that money is the primary satisfier.
The CareView technology is very innovative, it's a patient satisfier and most importantly, it enhances safety and security for our patients," said Registered Nurse Judi Kindy.
Scribes are portrayed as a physician satisfier by allowing the physician to concentrate on clinical interactions and see more patients, which offsets the scribe's cost.
In addition to fast and accurate notification of everyone involved with a MRSA patient -- from dietary to bed assignment -- BPM has also been a patient satisfier.
Despite Herzberg's argument that money is not a satisfier and thus not a motivator, the present survey coupled with previous works such as McKenzie and Harris (1984), Price (1992), Ogunlana and Chang (1998), and Yisa et al.