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In regard to the differences between satisfiers and dissatisfiers, categories such as Interactions and Sport generated appreciably more positive responses than negative responses.
The name addressing is considered a satisfier for new guests, but not for regular guests.
Subsequently, a gap measure was calculated for individual students by giving them a minus 3 for each missed basic need, a plus 1 for each identified satisfier and a plus 2 for each identified delighter.
A McDonald's customer may indicate that cleanliness is a hygiene factor, but that the children's play area is a satisfier.
The power of packaging as a consumer satisfier, attention getter, and purchase driver is suddenly enormous.
He told the gathering in Des Moines that a man is "his wife's sanctifier," and "his wife's satisfier," responsible for "taking someone from where they are to where they ought to be.
Sales retention is a hidden cost for the industry, and it would be wrong of me to convince you that this program is the only satisfier for us.
Thus, they concluded that wage was a potential source of dissatisfier rather than satisfier.
In principle, many different groups might have the requisite mix of skills and could play the role of concrete satisfier in a particular (virtually organized) task.
The employer can now tie job security, pay and benefits to the company's success and to the employee's ability to perform, while providing access to timely information to employees as an interim satisfier for workers' security needs.
Thus, a large number of managers have, over the years, concerned themselves with the importance of pay as a job satisfier and/or alternatively as a dissatisfier for an individual.
an arbitrary harmony, an expected astonishment, a habitual revelation, a familiar surprise, a generous selfishness, an unexpected certainty, a formidable stubbornness, a vital triviality, a disciplined freedom, an intoxicating steadiness, a repeated initiation, a difficult delight, a predictable gamble, an ephemeral solidarity, a unifying difference, a demanding satisfier, a miraculous expectation, an accustomed amazement.