satisfy requirements

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EPDs satisfy requirements of industry-wide programs by providing a comprehensive list of components and potential environmental impacts throughout the product's life cycle.
sanction completion reports, open cases by Student Affairs representatives) 12) All Clery Act crime categories pre-established as well as ability to sort by site of incident as established by the Clery Act categories 13) Ability to run reports that satisfy requirements set by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 for reporting alcohol and drug violations and sanctions 14) Ability to easily notify/alert users of pre-set deadlines (i.
HM King tasks Royal Court's Minister to satisfy requirements of Capital's Secretariat.
A recent judgment made by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled that safeguards applied by agencies to intercept material must be made "sufficiently public" in order to satisfy requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
There are now eight units left on the 250,000 sq ft development which can satisfy requirements from 3,929 sq ft up to 45,000 sq ft on a site suitable for design and build.
Irwin added: "The idea is to build slowly from Championship One and we have three other backers prepared to put in the money to satisfy requirements.
It's kind of 'the buck stops here: Ultimately, I have to know that things are being done to satisfy requirements in the right way," Dunn said.
According to the residency law, expatriates can sponsor their wives and children if they satisfy requirements of the residency law regarding their salary and profession.
Any big development will be design and build opportunities which ultimately take more time to satisfy requirements, pushing potential into the long grass or elsewhere in country if we can't service it in our region.
CRTS elected to pursue ISO certification to satisfy requirements for the Wasit gas project in Saudi Arabia as well as to distinguish the company from other service providers in the industry.
Cash provides liquidity to investment portfolios and institutions; cash allows for proper decision-making, cash means no forced asset sales in order to satisfy requirements.
The Centre for European Policies study also focuses on the measure that Romania has and will have to implement to satisfy requirements, pointing out several of them might not meet the March 2011 deadline set by Romanian authorities - just 4 out of 31.