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Posaconazole is characterized by a long half-life (approximately 30 h), saturable absorption at 800mg/day, high protein binding (98%), and a long time to reach steady state concentrations (10 days).
The formaldehyde concentration in the tissue was confirmed to be gradually decreased by saturable metabolic clearance, first order reaction, and blood perfusion inside the tissue.
The lower dose of TNF-[alpha] used in in vitro studies (1 ng/mL) results in a transendothelial electric resistance (TEER) reduction at 60 minutes after treatment with TEER recovery at 210 minutes after administration, which is similar to the results observed using higher doses of TNF-[alpha] (50, 100 ng/mL), suggesting that the effect mediated by TNF-[alpha] receptors is saturable [42].
James, "Enzymatically active paraoxonase-1 is located at the external membrane of producing cells and released by a high affinity, saturable, desorption mechanism," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Glycosylated haemoglobin in normal subjects and subjects with maturity onset diabetes: Evidence for a saturable system in men.
This indicates the reverse saturable absorption (RSA) type of process.
16,17) Unlike veterinary patients, however, people possess a saturable gastrointestinal transport mechanism that may preclude against accidental overdose.
Meanwhile, the absorption enhancing effect of phenylethanoid glycosides might be saturable in different intestine sites.
The nonlinear kinetics and excess accumulation are due to the fact that CYP2D6, an enzyme that is in part responsible for paroxetine metabolism, is readily saturable.
El modelo BCTRAN es un modelo desarrollado luego que un primer modelo llamado Saturable (desarrollado en ATP), el cual presentaba grandes limitaciones al momento de modelar transformadores trifasicos(Narang & Brierley, 1994).
El transporte pasivo es un proceso paracelular no saturable que depende del gradiente de concentracion, mientras que el transporte activo es saturable y transcelular activado por la vitamina D3.
Por cuanto todo signo puede ser citado, injertado en una infinitud de contextos nuevos, dicha posibilidad rompe con todo sujeto, intencion/voluntad del sujeto y todo contexto "dado", engendrando nuevos contextos, nuevos acontecimientos de manera absolutamente no saturable, no-presente.