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Fancy parties where the room was saturated with this heroic fluid, theaters where it should be kept at high pressure; what passion in the souls of the actors and spectators!
But no, thank heaven, both man and horse were gone, and nothing was left to witness against me but two objects - unpleasant enough in themselves to be sure, and presenting a very ugly, not to say murderous appearance - in one place, the hat saturated with rain and coated with mud, indented and broken above the brim by that villainous whip-handle; in another, the crimson handkerchief, soaking in a deeply tinctured pool of water - for much rain had fallen in the interim.
It was composed of stringy filaments saturated with water, like the berries, and devoid of nourishment.
Mary took him in hand, and when she was done with him he was a man and a brother, without distinction of color, and his saturated hair was neatly brushed, and its short curls wrought into a dainty and symmetrical general effect.
giving to each its proper attributes with marvellous readiness; brimful and saturated with what he had read in his lying books!
British government advisers who assessed a number of major studies concluded that foods high in saturated fat do increase the risk of heart disease.
In a new study, University of Illinois scientists have estimated that a new conservation practice, known as saturated buffers, could reduce nitrogen in agricultural drainage by 5% to 10%.
VEGAN burgers can contain more saturated fat than two Big Macs, a study has found.
"Ingredients such as trendy coconut oil, which is 87% saturated fat, are used to glue the burger mixture together."
The type of saturated fats we eat can affect our risk of a heart attack, according to a study published in the International Journal of Cardiology.
Saturated fats are receiving a great deal of flak for increasing the risk of heart disease by increasing the low - density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels.
Saturated fatty acids differ from other fats in their chemical composition.