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Dr Oetker's Chicago Town Edge To Edge Deep Pan Miami Meaty Pizza was among the highest out of the pepperoni pizzas for both saturates and salt.
If one gets the saturates and cholesterol down low enough with a diet moderate in total fat, it doesn't matter what oil you use for salad dressings--for example, olive oil, which is high in monos, or corn oil, with lots of polys.
What is important is to keep our intake of saturates low by avoiding foods that are particularly high in this type of fat.
For food manufacturers who want to still eliminate trans but reduce saturates, we have extended the SansTrans line to meet this demand.
8g saturates, 2g salt, medium spice Tasty and it counts as more than two veg portions but it has more than half a woman's daily intake of cholesterol-raising saturated fat.
6g salt A thin and crispy base keeps the total fat content reasonable but it's just as high in artery-clogging saturates as some more fattening pizzas.
Supplies a third of a woman's daily limit of saturates and trans fats, too.