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And some deep-pan and thin-crust pizzas had higher levels of fat, saturates and salt than stuffed-crust versions.
The recent claims to the contrary are based on experiments that show no apparent difference in amount of blood cholesterol fall when either polys or monos replace saturates in the diet.
But saturated fat is not always visible and is found in most foods that contain fat - even heart healthy foods like olive oil, mackerel or chicken contain some saturates.
Less Saturates, More Performance Than Typical Trans-Free Options
These oils give restaurants, for the first time, a way to eliminate trans fats and significantly reduce saturates without compromising taste and performance.
Our oils give restaurants, for the first time, a way to reduce saturates and get trans fats out of favorite fried foods without having to take them off the menu or compromise taste," said David Dzisiak, global business leader for Oils at Dow AgroSciences, during the National Restaurant Association's annual conference.