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The arterial oxygen saturation percentage was measured using L and T planet 40 monitor with Nellcor pulse oximeter probe.
The main emphasis of the current research work was to note the effect of degree of saturation on the shear strength of the soil only and the pore water pressure measurements were beyond the scope of this research work due to certain limitations.
Nevertheless, despite the lack of supporting evidence, manufacturers of so-called "color saturation enhancing" lamps are promoting them as being better for long-term general lighting.
Section 2 describes networked control systems (NCSs) with network-induced delays and actuator saturation and details the problem formulation.
At 5 min of life 149 babies had saturation more than 80% while at 10 min 290 babies reached target saturation more than 90%.
REO saturation rates remained high in both the Milwaukee (26.
This talk presented examples of how to combine saturation measurements from surveillance, logging and infill drilling with other available data to better understand ROS distribution for justifying future interventions.
TUNED J IN Holly Moore and Brian Kennedy with Oxygen Saturation Monitor
The grids were six different colors (black, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple) with three different saturation levels for each of the colors (80,160,240 bits per pixel) for a total of 18 grids.
South Wales Police have been urged to look again at Whitchurch Road ahead of a formal request for an extension to the City/Crwys Road saturation zone.
The methodology of its experimental determination (at specially shaped polygon in then-Road Research Laboratory (RRL Crowthorne, England)) is based on the distribution of saturation duration throughout the green phase to smaller time intervals, with the duration of six seconds (A Method of Measuring Saturation.
The inclusion of a young woman with low oxygen saturation (Sa02 = 84 percent) was not intended to mislead.