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As I have stated, I believe we have already reached saturation point.
REO saturation rates remained high in both the Milwaukee (26.
TUNED J IN Holly Moore and Brian Kennedy with Oxygen Saturation Monitor
Police figures show violent crime has more than halved on St Mary Street since the famous nightspot became the capital's first saturation zone.
The methodology of its experimental determination (at specially shaped polygon in then-Road Research Laboratory (RRL Crowthorne, England)) is based on the distribution of saturation duration throughout the green phase to smaller time intervals, with the duration of six seconds (A Method of Measuring Saturation.
The inclusion of a young woman with low oxygen saturation (Sa02 = 84 percent) was not intended to mislead.
On a single-head machine, hydraulic saturation is still a condition to avoid because it will keep the head from reaching the set pushout velocity.
1986) showed that in the case of loose sands, a good saturation requires high values of the coefficient B .
And the objective of the study is to determine the range for the permissible value fort the Water Saturation exponent 'n' for the reservoirs located from the well logs.
A saturation mailing needs to meet certain requirements set by the USPS.
To qualify for a portable system, an oxygen saturation must be taken at rest and on room air followed by an ambulatory saturation on room air and then a recovery saturation with the patient on oxygen.