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The saturation time for different types of desiccants coated on the metal foam is presented in Figure 7b.
The saturation time was about 30 days, which was longer than that of distilled water immersion because of the ionic content of seawater, which can suppress the moisture transport process (Rangaraj 1999).
2~ as a supercritical fluid instead of in its gaseous state is said to reduce saturation time, increase cell nucleation density, and improve control of foam cell size.
This study reports the effects of saturation time (ST), saturation pressure (SP), and NaCl/polymer mass ratio (NaCl/PMR) on the scaffold density, porosity, average pore size, pore density (PD), and Young's modulus in compression using the biodegradable polymer 85/15 poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) acid.
2] saturation Mass fraction pressure Saturation time of gas absorbed 5.
the saturation time is shorter than at low temperature and an increase in gas solubility, as reported by Sato et al.
They mainly investigated the nucleation and cell growth with respect to four major process variables: the saturation time, the saturation pressure, the foaming time, and the foaming temperature.