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An extensive literature is available related to the study conducted to understand the relationship among the shear strength, degree of saturation and pore water pressure for different sandy soils (Yoshida et al.
Percentiles of oxygen saturations in healthy term newborns in the first minutes of life.
Speaking in the session, Jeremy Harris, Development Planning Team Leader for the Qarn Alam Asset, PDO, delivered a presentation on the subject 'A Production Geologist's Perspective of Remaining Oil Saturation in Carbonate Reservoirs'.
I believe the more insidious danger for patients is a widespread belief that, for older patients, saturations in the low 90s are almost universally acceptable.
Observation and conclusions made stepped from results derived from the use of data extract of saturation for the various models worked with (figures 2-7).
In this particular case, the patient needs to be placed on 4 LPM of oxygen and a saturation documented.
Our objective was to determine the likelihood of developing diabetes in a nationally representative cohort of patients who have an elevated serum transferrin saturation rate but no current diagnosis of diabetes.
Stevens' team indirectly measured transferrin, a protein that stores and transports iron in the blood and other parts of the body The researchers calculated transferrin saturation from two measurements: the amount of iron found in blood serum and the additional iron the blood could store.
Compared to the CO-oximeter saturations (SaO2) over all measurements, the mean error standard deviation of the saturation values from pulse oximetry (SpO2) for the Masimo Blue, Nellcor, and Masimo Standard sensors were 1.