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Pluswood operates two printing presses for vinyls and melamine papers, and has a saturator line for treating high pressure papers to custom produce TFM products.
The Saturator is the only ride in the world that includes everybody.
The award is for Setpoint's Flying Super Saturator, built for Paramount's Carowinds Amusement Park in North Carolina.
With the success of the Flying Super Saturator roller coaster which recently opened with Paramount Parks in North Carolina, Setpoint, Inc.
Supply of high chloride and abrasion resistant Metrology (pressure transmitter, pressure gauges, thermocouples, flow meter, pH measurements, vibration monitoring systems and enclosures for instrumentation), designed, inter alia, for suspension of lime, gypsum suspension, circulation, operating and saturator, raw gas and air oxidation, including initial start-up.
Other recent filtration-related investments include a new saturator line in Turin, an expansion in Louveira, Brazil, and the acquisition and the expansion of the Binzhou plant in China.
Mounts on 5-gal pall or wall; can be used with saturator or resin-roller attachments.
The company has started to ramp up its new saturator line, which is expected to he commercial during the third quarter of 2012, slightly ahead of the planned schedule.
Megafunction Source CRC Checker/Generator Altera Corporation Data Word Rounder Altera Corporation Data Word Saturator Altera Corporation Fast Fourier Transform Altera Corporation FFT-on-Chip Altera Corporation
The company's most recent investment was a capacity expansion at its site in Turin, Italy, where it completed work on a new saturator line in August.
Grace has sold Endura, a custom saturator and coater of specialty papers for the tape industry, to Specialty Paperboard, Inc.