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The vapor pressure leaving the saturator ranged from 4 to 586 kPa.
Hand-held spray-up units such as chopper guns, saturators and gelcoaters with accessories and support equipment.
The fabric comes in dry rolls, and we run it through a machine called a saturator which meters the correct amount of epoxy," says Carr.
In the 18,650-square-foot melamine resin saturation area, paper is dipped twice in the Babcock saturator, run through metering rollers, then sent to a smoothing bay.
Compressed gas is purified and passed through a long-coiled saturator that is controlled at a stable temperature.
Briefly, the particle concentrator used virtual impactor technology in which 110 L/min flow went through a saturator, cooler, impactor, and diffusion dryer to generate concentrated particles with aerodynamic diameters between 2.
4]]; a white or grayish crystalline salt made by neutralizing 30 to 50 percent sulfuric acid with ammonia in a saturator.
This compressed air is sent to a saturator, which is basically a vertical pressure tank.
Martiniere won the 2001 Thea Award for his work on the Paramount theme park attraction, Super Saturator and in May, 2004, Infinitee Designs awarded Mr.
Tenders are invited for Repairing Of Low Acid Circulation Tank(Sr-1 Tank) And Final Cooler-A In Old Spray Saturator In Ccd-I.