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Here, a cobble-stoned circle melancholically marks the saturnine spot where the roasted remains of the victims' charred corpses were shovelled into an earthen grave.
Melencolia\ saturnine idleness was not an original exegetical choice for
He went on, 'A few weeks later, Saturnine Audio (the crew that recorded the show) informed us that TSL wanted to do a split-release with Legarda.
LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Part saturnine elegy to doomed youth, part exaltation of the transcendent power of love, blockbuster disaster movie "Titanic" is delivering that sinking feeling to a whole new generation of fans.
Usually so staid and cold, it echoed to the rhythm of strings with the swing of the Louisiana bayous at one moment, and at the next with the memory of the concert at the Olympia, so close but a half-century away, where the saturnine firebrand upended 10,000 hearts.
And seek out rarities compilation Saturnine Martial & Lunatic while you're at it!
A saturnine atmosphere and a heightened expressive charge hover over the canvases, with the figure of the animal remaining in an area of shadow, sometimes even nearly disappearing.
After the discovery of Titan in 1655, Iapetus was one of the first four of the Saturnine moons to be discovered by Cassini.
In addition, they show the inter-workings of religious communities that are otherwise saturnine to the general population, such as the ultra-orthodox branch of Hasidic Judaism and new religious movement of the Church of Satan.
However I've never tried to give the impression that this saturnine, intense, often snippy ex-midfielder is blessed with divine powers which allow him to romp away from opponents because he was born with a footballing sliver spoon in his mouth.
Among Roman writers, he pays special attention to "the saturnine grandeur and dark brilliance" of Tacitus and Juvenal.
Obuchi appeared to be on the dark side if not saturnine. If not Saturn himself.