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The division between tragic, comic, and satyric settings--public buildings belonging to the first, private dwellings to the second, and caves, rocks, and trees to the third category--was inherited from Roman theater and documented in the writings of Vitruvius.
The same is true of Rika Okamoto, one of the company's most magnetic dancers; in Satyric Festival Song, she was electrifying, partly because it was obvious that she was having a ball.
These and other writers sought to veil with multiple ironies (or to infinitize ad ironiam) Bedeutung's undignified retreat from Sinn all across the spectrum of twentieth-century culture, believing that, under a barrage of superhip gags and snickers, readers would be at a loss to say whether what they were being treated to was an extravaganza piped into a lounge pretending to be The Big Room or a small satyric revue in a big room pretending to be The Lounge.
Jensson continues by arguing for "satiric or satyric content" (209) as central to the Satyrica.