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In response to the sauciest headline of 2007--the proclivity of some prominent Republicans for restroom romance--Benoit Denizet-Lewis explores the allure that has always drawn some men toward public sex.
The Great British Cheese Festival will take place on the 29th and 30th at the Millets Farm Centre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Indulge in the very best of food and drink products from Stilton to the oldest cheddar, the finest cider to the sauciest pies plus an impressive array of English beer, ciders, perry and wine.
Among the males, the ones with the largest bellies or the biggest incubation pouches were by far the sauciest.
Then I saw an offer too good to turn down and, before I knew it, I had bought a pack of 60 of Bamforth's sauciest seaside fun.
I volunteered to read the sauciest segment from my book, "The Handsomest Man in Cuba," about a sexy handshake.
Geordie actress Denise Welch, pictured below, hits the big screen today in one of her sauciest roles yet.
The shock of the poet's monologue to his young messenger comes not only from the blue streak in its content but from its location, far from the pastoral mummery that even Herrick employed in his sauciest poems to Julia.
The Merchant scandal may be the sauciest of the campaign, but it is by no means the only one.
But City broke the deadlock with a gem of a goal on 16 minutes, Sterling taking out three Borussia defenders with the sauciest of back-heels and allowing Silva to thump into the roof of the net.
Halloween has never been so much fun with the sauciest Halloween/Masquerade costumes in town
Some of Big Brother's sauciest fun has happened in the bathroom.