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Unleashing the monstrous RubberDuckZilla on an unsuspecting faux-Tokyo, Oasis's disaster spoof drinks deep from the wellspring of Japanese stereotypes as saucily uniformed schoolgirls and a stern authority figure square off over said students' disdain for H20.
But that was that and, disappointingly, we returned to saucily sidling past each other in the hospital corridors.
Gracie waddles saucily through the enchanted floral wonderland of Halifax, Nova Scotia's Public Gardens.
But if you want svelte beauties leaning saucily upon equally racy, modified honeys, Hot Import Nights is more what you're looking for.
I thought that sounded rather dry, so it became a book proposal rather saucily (or so I thought) called Cavalier: the Biography of a Seventeenth-century Household.
Smith and Walters provide much of the comic relief, the latter quipping saucily to her husband, "I've shared your bed for 23 years and perfection is something I've not encountered.
Powell's poems ask to be read saucily, and not with a cold, grandiose eye that nips ideas in the bud.
Maybe it's the crushed graham crackers saucily edging the rim of the glass; maybe the tartness of a perfect Florida key lime.
It had started before; he had laughed and applauded when, at the age of about 7, I tapped my finger against my nose and declared saucily, "she knows.
He did one frame of Jane peeking saucily out from behind a curtain, with the caption: "Give us a break, boys.
The poll is largely dominated by women in a state of undress like third-placed From Dusk Til Dawn, where Salma Hayek dances saucily with a snake in a topless bar.