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The Antony Tudor Centennial book achieves its goal primarily through the lively photographs of Tudor demonstrating the tenderness, sauciness, or intensity of a character and the historic black-and-white prints of dancers from ABT and other companies.
She said she captured my sauciness, my willingness to look anyone straight in the eye and catch a few eyes at the same time.
The sauciness or unseasonable solemnity of the children which causes Garber's disaffection might have in effect translated in great part to the USP of the boy actors.
The painter imbues her with a confidence and sauciness that borders on defiance, perhaps revealing her magnetism to the artist himself, masking his demeaning attitude towards Black female slaves.
Aghast at the clerk's sauciness, he took him aside and urged him in brotherly fashion to make a clean breast of it.
And that's one of the things I love about her, that her sweetness is tempered with a little sauciness. I also love her sense of style.
But it helps that scripter Aline Brosh McKenna ("The Devil Wears Prada") has provided some very amusing wisecracks for co-star Judy Greer, whose dry wit and spirited sauciness as Jane's best buddy suggest a younger, sexier Maggie Smith.
In describing the common, hierarchical modes of speech against which his ideal is defined, Steele notes that "familiarity in inferiors is sauciness; in superiors condescension" (T 4:157).
Consider: The Inquirer, once a Pulitzer Prize-winning colossus, and its rival sibling, the Daily News, a gritty tabloid legendary for its sports and sauciness, suffer mightily under harsh budget cuts as corporate owner Knight Ridder struggles to meet Wall Street's unceasing demands for higher returns.
The contents reflect Nunez Puente's scholarly interests and training, while the prose displays Etxebarria's customary verve and sauciness. The combination is ideal.
You have ultimate control over the sauciness (so to speak) of the final results; you can add more broth after the pasta is cooked.