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The swords and sauciness show, with Emilia Clarke as Mother of Dragons Daenerys, tells the story of families fighting to reign over Westeros.
Italians may shudder at the ratio of sauce to pasta, but the sauciness means you have more than enough left to mop up with a chunk of crusty bread.
The mag justifies such sauciness by claiming half of all women aged between 31 and 76 own a sex toy.
Secondly, the films starring Hattie Jacques, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Williams, Bernard Bresslaw and Sid James were so much of their time that it's hard to imagine that particular kind of sauciness had any kind of marketable value another generation on.
It's lighthearted, it's fun, there's a bit of sauciness in there and it doesn't take itself too seriously.
I appreciate how you write about sex, because you keep it naturalistic, with hints of drive, a little sauciness, and liberal doses of the awkwardness that so many of us are just not willing to admit.
Not a rude one, exactly; it's more of an awakening that leaves you smiling at the sauciness of her prose.
Being Lady Gaga, there was also some sauciness involved.
I hope the frenzy that was whipped up so admirably before the show aired about the sauciness of the drama managed to pull in a few more viewers who got to see an important story about societal hypocrisy.
However, Michael's ticker clearly isn't up to all the shock, stress and sauciness.
His autumn oering was no exception - preoccupations included dark velvet tailoring, chion rues and jarring zig-zag prints - but then, mid-collection, a sly hint of sauciness crept in, by way of a sheer A-line dress embroidered with the outlines of naked ladies.
They can be a bit cheeky, and they like a bit of sauciness and naughtiness, which this show has got in shedloads.