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She'd have been as well sauntering in and wiping her spikes with the Stars & Stripes
And how beautiful couples exposing their toenails on the beach or sauntering through pastoral retreats contributes to patient education is a mystery only an ad executive could solve.
After sauntering out of the gate, cable companies are finally ready to hit stride as they race toward VoIP and associated next-generation services, unencumbered by the back-breaking weight of legacy-based TDM networks.
Against Stephen Bunting, I was sauntering to the "Against Stephen Bunting, I was sauntering to the board and lobbing them up.
She has reported from more than 70 countries, sauntering confidently in full makeup and false eyelashes through wars and civil disorders.
the parking lot was about three-quarters full and shoppers were sauntering in.
Philip Hobbs' Triumph Hurdle winner got his career over fences off to the perfect start when sauntering home by 12 lengths in a novice chase here but was subsequently 10 lengths off Contraband at Sandown.
After a long day of watching uninterested women sauntering by, the men are angry and menacing "Hey, are you straight?
BRADLEY Dredge offered no escape route to the misguided punter who laid him at all prices up to 500-1 on the basis of a faulty scoreboard when sauntering to the Madeira Island Open title yesterday, writes Steve Palmer.
One of the pleasures of sauntering down College Street in the evening is to glance down into the underground halls and see the strange and lively activity of a completely different world.
Just the phrase conjures images of cozy mornings, sipping coffee and sauntering around in cute, comfy, fuzzy footwear.