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Seamless saunters in at 1-50 William Buick doubled up in the 1m2f maiden on Seamless, who sauntered home at 1-50 in the three-runner contest.
JENNIFER Aniston gives a faraway look as she saunters across the set of her new movie in a stunning winter coat yesterday.
The toughest one saunters over to a koto just about her size and strums it during the darker interludes.
But the problem is that the content of the second book continually saunters through and beyond the boundary of the frame, transcending it in the process.
Founded as a postgraduate college in the 1960s, it saunters along the bank of the river Cam, incorporating three nineteenth-century houses (including that of the family of the great Victorian sage from whom it takes its name).
In She's Here, a model in a JeanPaul Gaultier "homeboy" hat saunters in front of the staff at American Fine Arts.