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Two woman have been locked up after they savagely attacked a mother with a knife in her own home.
8, their total points was cut particularly savagely by Cantor from 177-182 to 154-158 and they are out to 37-40 from 50-53 jollies with three firms on the indices.
The little dog apparently blurred into nine inches of fanged ferocity when it savagely mauled a police officerE or at least nipped her leg.
In a strong performance by Luis Napoles, he becomes savagely interested in Miranda and even more interested in the boozy endeavors of Stephano and Trinculo (Benjamin, Schreivogel and Sunchai Muy).
The specialty event had become the "International Festival of Fantasy, Action and Genre Cinema," and its impassioned programming directors Mitch Davis, Julien Fonfrede, Karim Hussain and Anthony Timpone described it this way: "Fantasia 2000 is a savagely eclectic festival, born under the sign of surprise.
EMC once again managed to eat savagely into competitors' market share.
Even those who analyzed the struggle over apartheid as a particularly striking example of a more-generalized political competition risked the charge of moral turpitude, as the great journalist-historian Paul Johnson found when The New Republic savagely caricatured him as an apologist for white supremacy.
He also gives unusual scope to women characters, while savagely repressing them (II, 9; IV, 1; X, 10), particularly in sexual matters, women's only province in patrilineal variants of domus culture.
Large tumors can savagely destroy organs, yet small tumors may cause a wasting of the body that leaves patients too weak to fight pneumonia and other illnesses.
Polish novelist and short-story writer whose experimental, realist works savagely satirized Polish society after World War I.
The other assesses the manner in which "Englishness" was defined and disputed in the Governor Eyre controversy of 1865-1868, which raised the question of whether the British governor of Jamaica had been right or wrong to suppress savagely what he feared would become a full-scale black revolt.
Savagely murdered and then resurrected in a bizarre scientific experiment, Fred is without his memory or his head