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It was my fault, but I hit out at him savagely, as I always do when I run into anyone in the street.
For the animal, with one fierce shudder, disappeared from view, while in its place was discovered the form of the old Witch, glaring savagely at the serene and beautiful face of the Sorceress.
But when she put the suggestion to Usanga the black immediately suspected some plan to thwart him--possibly to carry him against his will back to the German masters he had traitorously deserted, and glowering at her savagely, he obstinately refused to entertain the suggestion.
Trent looked at the half-empty bottle by his side and turned savagely to Da Souza.
Before I could divine his plan, he was back at the entrance and savagely jabbing the stick in at us.
It had gripped savagely hold of him and was about to wreak upon him some terrific hurt.
He dashed them away savagely, and went on again faster than ever--resolved to pack up at once at his lodgings in the village, and to take his departure by the next train.
He had been debating whether it would be the part of a man to pick a quarrel with Pete, or would he be justified in striking him savagely with his beer glass without warning.
Then Ponta lashed out, savagely, right and left, and Joe escaped by springing back.
When the war came on it found in the family, as in so many others in that State, a divided sentiment; the young man was loyal to the Union, the others savagely hostile.
I threw all precaution to the winds, threw myself with fiercer zeal into the fight for socialism, laughed at the editors and publishers who warned me and who were the sources of my hundred porterhouses a day, and was brutally careless of whose feelings I hurt and of how savagely I hurt them.
Ernest laughed harshly and savagely when he had gained the street.