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Only a consensus based agenda could save the situation, he declared.
might lose their influence over the events taking place in the region and concluded that the means to save the situation is to reactivate the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians and other Arab countries," ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported.
Celtic were slipping back in their shell but Lennon and his assistant Alan Thompson could read the signs and introduced Anthony Stokes for Efrain Juarez in an attempt to save the situation.
It's the famous gallows humour of the on-course bookmaker; but by the time you reach the gallows it's usually too late to save the situation.
Minister of Justice Muhammad bin abd Al-Karim bin abd Al-Aziz Al-Isa officially stated that the decision came to save the situation after errant fatwas and irresponsible statements by some scholars provided pretexts for attacks against Islamic principles and doubts relating to basics in Islamic teachings.
Unable to step in and save the situation Robert seems doomed.
The loss could have been much greater had it not been for the heavy rain that intervened to save the situation.
Luckily - and belatedly - nature intervened to save the situation.
An excellent resource for students doing research on the Iraq War: how the US decided to get into the war; how the administration didn't prepare for the aftermath of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein; how efforts to save the situation have failed so far.
In a last ditch effort to save the situation the Taylors have engaged Birmingham property legal experts The John Hughes Law Partnership to help them fight an appeal to be heard in January.
Only worldwide understanding and support for his noble ideas can save the situation and allow him to complete his mission.
The keeper desperately tried to save the situation but Johnson pounced on the loose ball to roll it under the keeper and into an empty net.