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But in Spielberg's film Ryan is not the only one being saved.
In both Titanic and Saving Private Ryan, the rescuers have a parting message for the people they've saved.
For just like these two fictional movie characters, all of us human beings have been saved by the unbelievable generosity and compassion of one whose sacrifice we had no claim on, no right to expect.
that they do not have enough money saved at this point.
Seventy-three percent of workers who say they have saved for
saved for retirement say it is possible for them to save $20
Take about three-fourths of the rent payment that you would have saved and put it in a money market account.
I saved something out of every paycheck I got no matter how small it was," says Ford's Mat Dawson.
Through SAVE THIS Wireless, Clickability automatically converts Web publishers' online content into a wireless-appropriate format, allowing registered SAVE THIS users to access their saved content through any Web-enabled wireless device.
The tools allow CNN Interactive users to gather, organize, share and print online content, as well as access their saved Web content via Web-enabled wireless devices.
Based on a study of Americans who've owned 401(k)s for more than 5 years, the majority (54 percent) of respondents graded themselves a "B" or better in terms of how they have saved for retirement.
Its release follows a nationwide telephone study, conducted by Richard Day Research in May, of 504 individuals who have saved, for an average of 9.