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Average weekly saving: pounds 2 Total saving: pounds 12
We just worked and paid off things before we bought more." The couple is less stringent about saving now that their youngest child, Johnnie Jr., is a graduating college senior.
They are also people who, in their own way, have tried to come to terms with the weight of that saving grace.
A retirement policy should aim to ensure retirees' economic security by encouraging retirement saving, full funding of pensions, and widespread pension coverage.
deficits of recent years are threatening precisely because they have been occurring in the context of private saving that is low by both historical and international standards.
Since you're still young, you have a longer time horizon to reach your goals, so it's wise to start saving for your future now.
That saving power extends to my relationships with those around me.
His commitment to saving emphasizes that, with the proper discipline, anyone can save a significant sum of money for retirement or philanthropy.
BE offers support and suggestions on saving through its Black Wealth Initiative started three years ago this month.
For more information on saving and pre-retirement planning, sign onto and call 800-998-7542 for brochures such as The Power To Choose, Ballpark Estimate, and Savings Fitness: A Guide to Your Money and Your Financial Future.
Next on Richardson's agenda is getting his mother and younger brothers and sister into the habit of saving and investing.