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Invest up to the maximum allowed in a 401 (k) or 403(b), For additional higher education costs, invest in any state's section 529 college savings plan and/or a Coverdell account.
The new health savings accounts should be viewed as products within the full range of consumer-risk protection and wealth-building services, including transaction, protection, borrowing and accumulation components.
The result is generally energy savings rather than cost savings, although cost savings are also attainable in some cases.
You can also realize savings from more energy-efficient boiler systems and HVAC, but the payoff here takes more time than many facilities are willing to give--7 to 10 years and more.
The Director expressed concern that TBC's proposal to convert Emerald to a savings association and acquire it pursuant to section 4 of the BHC Act was designed to evade Florida's interstate banking statute, which requires a Florida bank to be in existence and continuously operating for more than three years before it can be acquired by an out-of-state holding company.
What happens during Phase II in terms of savings is dependent on the outcome of some of the issues outlined above.
But, given the above discussion, the statement really leads nowhere except to a predetermined conclusion that it is better not to tax income from savings and investment.
This article will compare and analyze two distinct situations: in one, TDS is desirable; in the other, the individual is better off under alternative savings plans.
Uncle Sam may have pulled the rug out from under savings bonds in February by lowering rates two full percentage points.
as annuity players that "could come under pressure given the uncertainty around Bush's savings and dividend tax elimination proposals.