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In prayer, I like to imagine Jesus looking me square in the eyes and asking, "Ron, who am I to you?" I can't just tell him, "You're the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, the Lord of all creation, the Savior of the world." Those answers may be okay in creeds or catechisms.
Talking during the launch ceremony, the company representatives informed that “Drunk Text Savior is not a messaging app, it is a pass through app that will analyze your message before it adds it to the device's native Messaging App.” This app is compatible with the iPhone running iOS 4.1 or higher, or iPod Touch and iPad devices running iOS 5.0 and above.
Memorial Contributions may be made in Stazy's name to Our Savior Lutheran Church, PO Box 459, Westminster, MA 01473.
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to Our Savior Lutheran Church Memorial Fund, 17 Marshall Hill Road, Westminster, MA 01473 or may be left at the Funeral Home.
It is being suggested that there must be a change in one's ways following the encounter with and adoration of the Savior. It is somehow a new beginning, a new life; one cannot just take again the same road.
Members of Christ Our Savior Lutheran High School Student Council recently delivered Packages of HOPE to the Siteman Cancer Center to give to patients dealing with cancer.
On August 26 all TESDA offices in region 7 are open for consultations, inquiries and other information relative to employment, training and TechVoc education, Savior said.
"Jesus Our Savior" is a children's collection of Bible stories about Jesus, with many colored illustrations.
Savior Lips is a non-medicated natural lip balm crafted with premium hemp seed oil in a beeswax base.
Richard explains to Carol and Morgan that The Kingdom has a good deal with Negan and The Saviors - they bring the Saviors food, and Negan won't kill them - but Richard doesn't trust The Saviors.
Critique: A work of truly impressive and original scholarship, "Jesus of Nazareth: Jew from Galilee, Savior of the World" is enhanced with the inclusion of maps and figures, as well as twenty pages of Notes, a twelve page Bibliography, a twelve page Index of Scripture and Ancient Sources, and a twenty one page Index of Modern Authors.
The notion of saviors and the power of a mass belief in the unproven add an interesting element, and, although set in a time long ago, Flea and his friends talk and act in a modern way that is easily relatable.