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Saviors Day provides the connection that propels forward movement.
Saviors Day - A New Beginning For a New People | New Africa in America
Between 40 BCE and 135 CE, they count some 27 identifiable Saviors, Messiahs, and prophets, some with purported supernatural power and some with a political agenda.
Ultimately, angry Ziggy will encounter three Kings and the aforementioned saviors.
I wondered how the debate of 1940-41 might look after half a century of America's excesses and failures in the role of world savior.
As you know, we at the Right to Reject Saviors Committee deny the need for a savior anyway.
Women are rare here, and the occasional images of female saviors (notably Wisdom) tend to be brought under masculine control (as the preserve of sages or repersonalized as Logos).
Deen Mohammed) is sponsoring another Historic Event, Saviors Day 2013.
We get 20 calls a day that we can't even handle,'' said Richard Balliger, who owns Chimney Saviors, a small, family run company in Santa Clarita.