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les pratiques, representations, expressions, connaissances et savoir-faire (je souligne)--ainsi que les instruments, objets, artefacts et espaces culturels qui leur sont associes--que les communautes, les groupes et, le cas echeant, les individus reconnaissent comme faisant partie de leur patrimoine culturel (UNESCO, 2003: 2).
We're thrilled to partner with such a rapidly growing company as BonitaSoft," said Sven Werlen, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Savoir-faire Linux.
Sur les plans theorique et methodologique, le defi de Brunois est double : accorder une egale importance a toutes les categories d'existants et montrer l'etre-aumonde des Kasua a sa juste valeur par une ethnographie riche et minutieuse, une << description dense >>, de leur savoir-etre et de leur savoir-faire ecologiques.
The books are divided into different sections: a section which provides a detailed overview of the themes and information provided in the alphabetical entries; the Alphabetical Guide list, in alphabetical order, everything a person needs to know about the world of tea or coffee including detailed discussions of all major varieties of tea and coffee, historical information, and essential savoir-faire for connoisseurs; In the Little Book of Tea, the Connoisseur's Guide section describes which teas can be found in specific places in the world and what they are used for; and the Infusion Chart is for those who are willing to take on the delicate task of infusing their own tea.
The corporates ensure that the companies that service them are aware of the dangers and more likely to be ready, and the smaller firms themselves acquire the multinationals' millennial savoir-faire and avoid the same mistakes.
According to artistic director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, ``The reputation of the road calls up an era of frenzied fun that at the same time had elegance and savoir-faire.
Unfortunately, even if such reforms are put in place, too many people lack the savoir-faire, sophisticated tastes, and cultural awareness needed to make them competitive either in their personal or professional lives.
Maria DiBattista's essay on Charlotte Bronte's savoir-faire brings to the forefront a woman's predicament of being part of a home, yet detached from it in the role of the governess.
The same savoir-faire dissed the reader with Sally Jessy spelled Sally Jesse.
In Selling Luxury, Robin Lent and Genevieve Tour, with thirty years of combined experience, share their savoir-faire.
A ce propos, le minist irakien a rappelAaAaAeA@ que l'AlgAaAaAeA@rie avait apportAaAaAeA@ "son concours savoir-faire AaAaAeA l'Irak suite AaAaAeA la dAaAaAeA@cision de nationalisation des hydrocar ce qui a permis AaAaAeA la compagnie irakienne de rAaAaAeA@ussir la pAaAaAeA@riode de tran et d'exploiter correctement ses champs pAaAaAeA@troliers".
Pour tout ca et pour faire face a ces parametres, OMNIACOM veut accompagner la Tunisie dans ce projet et veut faire partie integrante en entrant dans la vague de plein pied des aujourd'hui pour profiter de l'explosion des objets connectes et apporter son savoir-faire 100% Tunisien et en faire une plateforme et un site pilote strategique pour l'exporter sur tout le continent Africain.