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We can only hope whichever callous individual saw fit to take Leo's walking frame realises the upset its loss has caused and returns it.
Second, in the middle of the asserted financial distress, Y's three corporate officers saw fit to increase their own salaries by 70%, which had the dual effect of dissipating funds that could have been used to pay the taxes and increasing the company's unpaid employment tax liability.
What was especially amazing to me is that we had recently moved into our building, and we had the unusual opportunity to lay out our plant exactly as we saw fit," Livingston said.
He did not take the rejection well, huffing that a major London newspaper saw fit to print it.
Prime Minister Jean Chretien said his government would introduce legislation legalizing gay marriage nationally but would allow religions to define marriage as they saw fit.
Both God and my parents were wiser than I when they saw fit to bring me to this great country where even unimaginable dreams come true.
After all, these two thoughtful souls saw fit to bless us with the means to a warm and full belly.
This is a book that has been written up everywhere that matters -- The New York Times even saw fit to review it twice --and many places that don't.
They were the legal owners of the educational program of the school, free to sell their time and expertise to others as they saw fit.
Unfortunately; New York, in its infinite wisdom, saw fit to allow the majority of this land to be used as an industrial park for Harlem River Yard Ventures, a private developer.
Companies would remain free to set their reserving levels as they saw fit, but if their estimates turned out to be high, they would pay what would amount to an interest charge to cancel the tax benefit gained by over-reserving.
In a year in which Major League Baseball paid tribute to Jackie Robinson and in which the National Basketball Association saw fit to place 33 African Americans on its team of the 50 greatest players of all-time, the United States Tennis Association did its constituents proud by naming its new stadium in honor of Arthur Ashe.