say again

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And I say again to the few MPs trying to rock the boat, now they had better pack it in.
I'm just trying to formulate some good stage banter instead of just saying, "If you believe in God, you're a total fucking idiot," which I have said before, and will probably say again.
At the risk of redundancy, I need to say again that there are no random or arbitrary decisions in selective college admissions.
I say again, we are on fire and in need of immediate assistance
Noel Meade's Power Elite, who has not run since winning on the flat last October, L'Antartique, Penny Rich, Say Again and Sky To Sea complete the entries.
Chairman, let me say again that we all know that there is much work to be done.
I want to say again, and say again, and say again: Thank you all.
The has been criticism over the years that the FASB should be the sole creator of standards, but I said 10 years ago and I say again that there is a place for AcSEC, especially with narrower, more specialized issues than the FASB normally handles.
Having said that, I must say again, if I haven't yet made it clear: this is a terrific book, a valuable, moving, thought-provoking, memorable book.
I say again, the fruit is divorced from the tree, and I have no idea how the men in the moon got back, or how anchormen are pistoned through the atmosphere in particles, or what machine endowed by offspring's vitamin with a Flintstone, or where else those chops have been en route to freezer burn.
After years with Sweet Mary by "Sweet Afton," the tragic child bride Annabel Lee, the "Raven" quoting "Nevermore," and the man without a country (but with a "dead soul") sauntering the deck of ship after ship, mumbling, "I can never say again, |This is my own native land,'"(1) I became an initiate of "tragedy" as my mentor envisioned it, and was eventually baptized as a true believer.
We have said before and we say again, the Tribe remains willing and able to resume talks, negotiations and other levels of legal concern, as soon as members of the County stop ignorance-based attacks on the Tribe and show a willingness to return to the table in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation," DeRouen offered.